Playoff quarter finals

The 2014 KMSL and over 35 quarter final playoffs will commence this Monday the 25th. The following are the matchups for all divisions.

DIVISION 1: Tuesday September 2nd

Carlton Athletic vs. Mario’s Towing Celtic  5:45pm  Mission 13

Alves Bros. FC  vs. Iris Optometry Wave FC  5:45pm  Mission 14


OVER 35: Monday Aug 25th

Penticton Pinnacles Masters 4  vs. Diablos 1  7pm  Kings Park 4

Alves Bros. FC 1 vs Salmon Arm Beer Badgers 0  6pm  Rutland 4

Kal Tire FC Vernon vs. Enco/Executive Flooring 4 (PK)  6pm Macdonald Park #2

LCSC Fireball vs. Freeport Industries  6pm  Beasley 1


DIVISION 2: Tuesday August 26th

FBFC Big Surf 3  vs. CWMM Engineers 2  6pm  Mission 13

Soccer United FC 5 vs. Titan  Plate Processing Grinders 1  6pm Mission 14

Stucco Surgeon Euro FC 2  vs.  KonKast Stallions 0  6pm  Rutland 2

Unathletico Madrid 2  vs. Lifeworks Chiropractic 1  6pm  Rutland 4


DIVISION 3A: Friday August 29th

Topline Selections/Discovery Glass 0 vs LCSC Old Milwaukees 1  6pm  Mission 11

Mission Impossible 6  vs. Zamunda United FC 2  6pm  Mission 12

Watson Brothers Rented Mules 2  vs. Apna FC 3  6pm  Mission 13

North Country Appraisals Lakers 0  vs.  Whitecats 2 6pm  Mission 14


DIVISION 3B: Friday August 29th

Young Guns 5 vs. Seca Marine Kickers 1  6pm  Parkinson 14

Red Devils 3 vs. Phantoms FC 2 6pm  Parkinson 16

Sterling United 3  vs. Attitude FC 1  6pm  Rutland 2

Big Surf FC 0 vs. Rhinos FC  6pm   Rutland 4

Park etiquette

The KMSL has received complaints from local residents that teams are leaving empty water bottles, tape and other garbage on the side lines after games. Managers please remind your players to use the garbage cans and to be respectful of our parks.


The league registrar will be picking up registrations on Mondays only and dropping off completed cards the following day. This will start next Monday May 5th.

Mission Sports Fields update

The City Parks Department has renumbered the Mission Sportsfields and the new map is posted in the fields info page. Signs indicating the changes will be posted on-site as well.

Beasley nets

Goalie Nets: Please note that Lake Country Soccer Society’s goalie nets that are currently on B1 & B2 are in rough shape.  The District will not be replacing the nets, therefore, it will be up to each team to provide their own nets.

New SD23 rules for field rentals

SD23 has forwarded a new practice field application form (now posted in form section) to the KMSL.  All teams are reminded that if they want to use SD23 fields for pre season or during season practices that they must complete an application and pay the appropriate fees to SD23.  Please contact for more details.