New Rules

2012 KMSL Rule Updates & Clarifications

Forfeited Game Fine / Refund

  • A team forfeiting a game and giving the league and other team less than 5 days notice will be fined the direct game cost of $155.  This will be charged to their performance bond.
  • The non-offending team has the option of re-scheduling the game or taking the win (3-0) and  be credited with THEIR SHARE of the game fees.
  • Teams providing the league and other team more than 5 days notice of the forfeited game will not be assessed the Forfeited Game fine.
  • This includes all league, playoff and Royal Cup games.


Violent Conduct (VC) Red Card Suspension Length

  • A VC red card for “threatening behavior” and does not involve physical contact carries a minimum 3 game suspension
  • A VC red card that involves physical contact “without attempt to injure” carries a minimum 4 game suspension.
  • A VC red card assessed for “attempt to injure” carries a minimum 5 game suspension.


Player Cards at Start of Game

  • Team player cards must be presented to the game officials prior to the game and no later than 15 min. from the scheduled start time of the game or game shall be forfeited by the offending team, and forfeited game fines will be assessed. A game will not be started until player cards are produced to the game officials.


Suspension Length Appeals

  • Please note that Red Cards can NOT be appealed.  Only suspension length can be appealed.  Appeal procedure is available on the website.
  • The KMSL follows minimum suspension length guidelines set out by the BCSA.



Playing “Up”

  • A player can play up one division only (ie. player is registered with a Div. 2 team can play up on a Div. 1 team) an unlimited number of regular season games.
  • A player can NOT play in a lower division than he is registered in.
  • A player can only play in the playoffs and Royal Cup games of the team he is registered with.
  • A player registered with a Div. 3B team can only play up in Div. 2 (and not Div. 3A).


Team Members Attending Games While Under Suspension

  • As per BCSA guideline (Part 15, Sec. B, No.3) – “any suspended player or team official, while under suspension, if attending a game as a spectator, behaves in a manner that brings disrepute to the game, shall be subject to the following”:
    • First Offence: a further 6 month suspension in addition to the original suspension

Second Offence: shall be referred to the Association’s Disciplinary Committee

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