UPDATED October 2, 2015

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Game and / or Suspension Appeal Process

Appeals of any kind must be submitted in writing along with $100 (cash only) appeal fee within 48 hours of game finishing time (in the case of a game appeal) or 48 hours after e-mail notice being sent to team contact (in the case of red card suspension appeal).  Appeals are to be dropped off at league mail location (currently Eurosport).

Upon receipt of the written appeal and appeal fee, the appeal will be sent to the Disciplinary Committee upon which a disciplinary hearing will be set within 7 days.  Attendance by the player and or a team representative is encouraged however not mandatory.  The match referee will be contacted in advance by the disciplinary committee for further clarification on the appeal matter if required.

At the appeal hearing, committee members and player and / or team representatives will discuss the appeal and a decision will be made at that time.  If the appealing player or team wins the appeal, then the $100 appeal fee is returned to the player / team and the suspension or game result will be updated.  If the appeal is unsuccessful then the league retains the appeal fee and the current suspension length or game result remains.

All red cards carry a minimum of one game suspension. Red cards cannot be appealed, only the suspension lengths.

Please Note:  KMSL policy is to assess the BCSA minimum suspension length for a player’s first red card of the season.  Prior to making an appeal, team managers and players are encouraged to review BCSA suspension lengths at www.bcsoccer.net.

Red Card Fine / Player Card Pick-Up Procedures

Red Cards carry a minimum $25 fine that must be paid in order to pick-up the player card and return to play. Player card fines must be paid in cash at Eurosport during business hours. Player cards are available for pick-up at Eurosport at 1pm on the Monday or Thursday following the expiration of the suspension.

Disciplinary Card Accumulation / Suspensions
The KMSL follows BCSA Disciplinary guidelines with respect to all red and yellow cards issued in the league. These guidelines can be found at www.bcsoccer.net
Suspension lengths listed in “weeks” within the BCSA guidelines will be converted to “games” for KMSL purposes. Suspension lengths listed in “years” are not converted. All suspensions start and end dates are applied to the schedule of the team the player is “registered” with. Games missed in other divisions are not applied and do not count towards the number of games “sat out” as part of the suspension.